Sunday, February 1, 2009


i just have to share how cute Asher is...i was just tucking him into bed and that is when he really loves to chat. tonight he was telling me how he loves being 3 but not swallowing his gum and that he can not believe he has a lightning mc queen pillow and how he wants to get a car for his pretend friend "Ola" then he will get a blue car for Luke, red for himself, silver for Bowen and pink for Jake and I. He is so precious and funny. here are a couple pictures of our big 3 year old..more to come of his party, and wait till you see his cake that Auntie Gina made, oh my goodness.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

life in limbo

well...our life is still in limbo. we are excited to move up to the bay area, just when is unknown and jake's start date is unknown and what is his job untill he starts his new job...well I won't go on and on and on with all these unknowns...but i will ask again for more prayer...i am having a bit of a difficult time with all of this....

Thursday, January 22, 2009


in case anyone is reading this...please be praying for our living situation, our move, meeting new friends, pluse much more, selling our house, jake's back to stay good and his new job. we have so much going on of course all at once. so I'm sending out a simple little prayer request. i promise to update with all the blessings God will provide. in spite of this all uncertainty we are doing quite well...for the most part. except for the times that I kinda have my emotional breakdowns...but those are few! ok, thanks!! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Upsidedown Jelly cake

Auntie Gina and her awesome upsidedown jelly cake and excited Luke. Here is a bit of background on the cake...for about the last 9 months Luke has been talking about how he wants an "upsidedown jelly cake" for his 4th birthday and how Auntie Gina is going to make it for him. We are not to sure where he got his creative idea, perhaps because he loves jellyfish. Well of course Auntie Gina rose to the occassion and made him his cake with homemade kiwi jelly and the red things on the cake are gummy worms to go with the "bug" theme of his party. It was perfect and as you can see Luke was ever so pleased! Oh and by the way...the cake was delicious!
"Happy birthday to you...."
proud 4 year old

anticipaction of his cake.....what a sweet smile!

random pic's...

so that's what you do with those Trader Joe stickers...
if you're happy and you know it clap your hands.
" playing in dirt makes me oh so happy"
I love my mommy's split pea soup

nummy, nummy, nummy!

Bo's b-day and cabin with the Thon's

Thursday, October 2, 2008

good times

Papa and Bowen
First b-day cake
Bo (13mo) and cousin Drake (7mo)
coppertone tan Asher
mountain boy pickin blackberries